Advanced chatbot analytics, reporting and monitoring toolkit.

Superpowers for conversational experience owners and creators.

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What does it do?


Key Metrics to evaluate Your Chatbot’s Performance

Advanced chatbot analytics platform to view the most important metrics to understand how your chatbot is being used. You can view all your real time and historical conversation details, including utterances and sentiment so you can see how your chatbot is being used and where it can be improved.

Simple integration for your chatbot or voice assistant

For all platforms, we have easy but comprehensive web hooks for integration. Our easy to use APIs enable you to quickly and easily start using our advanced chatbot analytics.

Use our native libraries or call our REST APIs directly. We also support bulk data imports for some platforms or we can connect directly to log APIs.
const ChatseerLogger = require("chatseer")(process.env.CHATSEER_API_KEY)['google'];

exports.agentHandler = ( req, res ) => {
const agent = new WebhookClient({ request: req, response: res });
agent.intent('actions.intent.MAIN', conv => {
agent.add('Hi, how is it going?')

await ChatseerLogger.logchat(req);

Supported platforms

Who is it for?


If you provide a chatbot or voice experience for your customers Chatseer can help you make sure it gives the optimum user experience. You will have assess to all your conversational data in a simple intuitive interface. The Chatseer analytics dashboard helps you ensure conversations are running smoothly, providing key chatbot usage metrics at a granular level. With our advanced alerts, tracking events around specific statements is made easy. Automated usage reports allow easy access to bot engagement, helping track completion rates, monitor KPIs and provide valuable sales and lead insights.

Chatbot & Digital Agencies

Chatseer provides an out of the box chatbot analytics solution for chatbot and digital agencies to provide for their customers. Allowing them the time to create the best chatbots possible for their clients. With great power comes great responsibility. Handing over an NLP platform to your clients has some associated risks. This is where Chatseer comes in, the perfect way to add value for your client by providing them with a deep insight into how their chatbot is being used. Managing multiple chatbot projects is challenging and time consuming. Most importantly Chatseer provides the tools to keep on top of your clients projects

Conversational AI Specialists

So many chatbot platforms so little time, Dialogflow, Watson, MS Bot Framework, Rasa. Not to mention all the platforms you can deploy to; WhatsApp, Web, FB Messenger, Automated IVR, Chatbot platforms, Slack, MS Teams. Chatbots and Voice projects are challenging and you want to be able to choose the right tool for the job. Choose among the platforms we support. Whatever platform you prefer, we have an analytics solution for you. And if we don't provide the integration to your platform of choice, get in touch, maybe we can help!

How will it help?


Give yourself chatbot monitoring superpowers

Its difficult to create a successful conversational experience. If you have multiple chatbots created on many different platforms monitoring their usage, tracking bottle necks, training and making changes to improve the user experience is hard.
Above all, Chatseer gives you the tools to do this.
With its own chatbot integrated into Slack and the platform itself, Chatseer will watch your projects and keep you informed.
In other words, superpowers for chatbot pros.

How Chatseer will help you manage your chatbot projects

Our key features provide complete control over your chatbot projects.

Automated Assistant

The Chatseer Slack chatbot will keep you up to date with all the important chatbot usage events.

AI Powered Conversation Monitor

Use our machine learning to categorise your chatbot or voice assistant's conversations so you can spot trends, conversation failures or pain points.

Usage ALerts

Create targeted alerts fired by your own custom triggers. Receive push notifications, SMS or Email to ensure you stay up to date with your chatbots usage.

Key Metrics to evaluate Your Chatbot’s Performance

Review live chat transcripts Explore sentiment and NLP accuracy Identify mishandled and unhandled Intents View intents & entity details Users & sessions

Enterprise Plugins

Choose from our library of enterprise plugins to add functionality to your chatbot. Hand over to live chat, send a WhatsApp message or notify your CRM

Export the chatbot usage data you need

Chatseer provides PDF and CSV exports of all your chatbot metrics.

simple pricing

Chatseer Packages

Some chatbot analytics platform pricing structures are complex and confusing. Ours isn’t; choose from Free, Pro or Enterprise.
Add on enterprise plugin features when you need them.



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Extend your plan with add-ons

Want to get more out of Chatseer? These are a perfect match!

WhatsApp Integration​

Get in touch to discuss handing over your chatbot conversation to WhatsApp.

Live Chat Connectors

Connect your chatbot to a live chat platform.

CRM Integration​

Connect Chatseer to your CRM platform of choice.

About us

Chatseer is made by people who know about chatbots.​

We took our in-house chatbot analytics platform and created Chatseer.

We listened to our chatbot owners  and creators and developed what they needed to create, monitor and improve the performance of their chatbot.


Most frequent questions and answers
Of course, you can cancel your current subscription plan whenever you want. You will still have access to all of the paid features intil the end of your billing period.

Yes depending on the chatbot platform you want to import for.

Yes, you will have immediate access to your old messages as soon as you upgrade your plan.  We just limit the data you can access for some plans.

Sure thing, you can analyze your text based chatbots or voice apps or any other conversation channels for all supported platforms on one single account.

That’s fine, just get in touch and we can see about adding it as one of our supported platforms.

We’ll keep gathering your conversational info! 
You’re plan will be automatically modified to better suit your monthly amount of messages.

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